Golden Hour

golden hour sol2

Every time the sun starts to hide behind the mountains, the sky looks extraordinary as bright as gold. Golden hour has become my favorite hour to shoot because it gives the best lighting any hour couldn’t.

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Life Lately Vol. 10

Hello, everyone! It has been a while since my last life lately series post and I, on the other hand, got busy with my style posts. What I did in the previous days aren’t much because it was pretty unproductive but I guess it’s still worth to blog, right? So here’s the list (in not chronological order) of what I am up to the past few days after my junior year has ended:

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Rizal Tour

This is my third field trip of my entire school life. My elementary and secondary school never had a field trip until my 4th year high. It was a sad feeling being left out with other students having field trips but whatever. At least I got to have field trips this college.

Rizal tour is my last field trip this college and I thought I wouldn’t make it because I overslept. But thank God because when I booked for grab, there is an available driver at 5 o’clock in the morning. At first, I was hesitant about riding it but I need to or else I won’t make it. Long story short, it was a joy ride with the driver because of the stories he shared about his family. He was so nice to me even though I kept on pressuring him to drive faster or else the bus will leave me, LOL. He was such a big blessing for accepting my book though my place is far from my school.

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